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Fall Retreat: Pursuit 10.15

Fall Retreat: Pursuit 10.15

Do you spend too much of your day (and your life) reliving old wounds, hurts, injustices, and offenses?

Do you find yourself repeatedly entangled in negative thoughts & emotions such as anger, fear, worry & anxiety, rejection, guilt & shame, jealousy & envy, or disappointment?

Do you wonder why your healing never comes, your relationships never improve, and your prayers don’t seem to get past the ceiling?

Do you desire to minister to others who are hurting and facing difficulties, but find yourself feeling inadequate and without real power to meet others’ needs?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, Pursuit 10.15 is for you!

Discover Truth that will release you from bondage and defeat and unlock a new level of joy, peace , and intimacy with Jesus in your life! The answers you seek are closer than you think. And they are meant for YOU!

Join us, and experience FREEDOM in a whole new way!

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